How to ensure a safe transgender date?

All dates have risks. When it comes to transgender people, the risks are even higher with so many transgender-unfriendly people in the society. As a matter of fact, LGBTQ community are more likely to get hurt and less likely to find true love. According to a research, 23% of transgender people have ever been violated. The number almost doubles that of cisgender’s, which is 12%. The data indicates that transgender people should be more sensitive and vigilant to these risks no matter they go online or offline. Of course, not every date is dangerous, but knowing some rules and factors is very helpful to cut down the risks.

According to data, most transgender people think the best chance for them to find a relationship is to go online. Here are some tips on how to date safely on transgender hookup and dating apps.

Use the safest lgbt dating apps. Transdr is, without doubt, the best and most welcomed dating app for LGBTQ community, especially for transgender people. But is it the safest? According to the developer, Transdr provides users verification features to verify themselves. This feature screens out many scammers and fake profiles.

When it comes to fake profiles and scammers, there are ways to tell them. Ask more photos. If this person’s profile seems to be fake or they only upload one photo, then you can ask for more. Scammers do not have so many pictures in their hands and they certainly do not want to act per your request, which precisely proved your doubts.

Check their Facebook. You have their name, right? Search them in Facebook and see if there is anything useful.

If they act too mighty, then you should be careful. If a user seems too urgent or they are in a hurry to meet you in person right after connection, then it’s time to step back and reconsider. There are many ts dating and hookup apps are spreading their pornographic and scamming business.

Not all users are from English native-speaking countries. Especially when you go online, you might encounter people around the world. However, one thing to bear in mind is that poor grammar and awful wording may be the symbol for Philippine and Nigeria scammers, or a robot.

Look for the obvious lies and contradictions. If the background information of a user is perfect and unbelievably promising, or there are some contradictions, you might as well top this conversation. Ask for phone number. The sooner you leave the dating apps, the sooner you can figure out if he/she is real or not.

Once you arrange a date, you still need to make sure this meetup is safe. First, meet in public, like a coffee shop or dinning hall, instead of a dark, hidden club. Meeting in public is the best way to ensure your safety. If someone invites you to meet in private places, such as his house or a hotel, you should be very careful with it.